Do you know of any adhesives that is safe for transparent top coating for cake topper. I am applying little white stickers with letters on them to spell out a message on bottles of bubbles. What would you suggest? A must have for jewelry and many other things. Can be any form…ie: liquid, double sided tape (roll or sheet), modge podge, etc. Hello, -Sam. I recently designed some menus for a hotel, and they’re on a great paper stock call Plike, however they’ve found that it marks really easily and so gets grease stains etc. I have a last minute Valentine's Day gift :) I used paper modge podge (glossy) over it and it is nice and shiny. I want to glue it to a painted cardboard tissue box. A couple of coatings of polyeuthuerene (sp) should do the trick-spray and brush-ons should be available. hi! mod podge, then a spray of clear coat arcylic! I saw Krylon Clear Polyurethane is good for plastics but is it okay to put on fabric? I do not know of something that can do this. For example, this sealant can be used to bind metal, glass, wood, ceramic, or plastic together. Any tips? I absolutely love Fabri-tac. And I feel that it's not that permanent. Like regular rubber cement, it can be used with two different bonding techniques–one permanent; the other temporary, leaving a sticky residue like a sticky note. You could start with fabric stiffener maybe, then seal it up with a clear adhesive. Something that can hang through rough times when people wear them out and about. What would you suggest to seal glitter on dog collars?? Any suggestions? Thanks. I applied paper decals onto painted wood. Hi. The glue solution is what I have always used and never have had any complaint. Hey, How are you doing? What do you suggest. Most you can simply trim away with a sharp craft knife. It should work, but it really depends what the water bottle is made of! $5.29 at Walmart. Double check this on the interweb, but i believe that if you microwave the mug after using a sharpie it keeps it from smearing. I have a question about decoupage. Hi, I noticed there was a similar question in the recent comments that prompted me to ask – I’m also having guests at a baby shower decorate wooden baby blocks with permanent markers. Would a clear sealant fix this problem? What sealer would you suggest that I can pour in and roll around for a complete seal? This information has been so helpful to this little ole lady Starred this one, just half-way through reading it! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. This stuff is incredibly easy to use if you are willing to purchase the light and the cure is 5 sec. Thank you in advanve, Hi hopefully someone can help… I want to glue a digitally printed vinyl sticker onto some raw plywood (I don’t want to treat/seal it because I like the raw look/finish). Is that the best method? Is it odd for a person in my age bracket to work puzzles and use adult coloring books? Hi ~ I am looking to add silicone gel to the band of a strapless bra, to help it stay in place against my skin (don’t ask why I didn’t just buy one that already has it…). Please help . World’s Best Crafty Adhesives and Sealants That Should Be In Your Kit I am looking for a food safe and waterproof sealer for a stainless steel tumbler. They can be expensive, but I purchased mine used on Ebay. Is there a spray sealant that doesn’t have an overpowering chemical smell that will ruin the integrity of the cinnamon? Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use spray sealant: Spray sealants are best for larger projects. Please help! One word of warning. Spray the adhesive and wait 30 seconds before joining the two surfaces or items you want to bond together. You’re missing weldbond and silicone clear glue plus liquid nails, but I’m more into mosaic than paper. I would test this out on another dishtowel first though as I’m not 100% sure it will work. i sure love E6000. How about Aleenes Tack-It Over and Over adhesive. Obviously the sticker alone won’t hold for very long, so I’m wanting to use a strong spray adhesive to assist, but not damage the vinyl. Would worm watching be an interesting new hobby. Fingers crossed you know of the perfect product! I am needing to buy and use dyed, freshwater pearls, on a white dress. I have been in school and through anthropology have discovered silversmithing/forging. You need to remove any excess adhesive or sealant from the repaired component for a neat finish. The specialty adhesive you need to learn to use . Seeing your picture reminded me of being 6 years old and covering the palms of my hands with my mom's tacky glue just to peel it off. Sure, for non-porous applications, silicon sealant works fine for a waterproof semi-flexible bond. I don't have anything laying around except for my Krylon spray adhesive. I also love my Xyron machine to make stickers ……. I don’t wanna pay someone $100 to do it when I can do it myself. I’ve printed, using the computer, a piece of scrapbook paper. I painted on a polyester/cotton fabric, what sealant would be best?! Search “mod podge” in our search box for projects. I am new to this whole side of the artistic world, as I am a welder, machinist, engineers daughter. Who knew all of us were looking for the perfect way to stick to things together? I have some sequin fabric where I’m trying to Make it into a skirt but the sequins keep falling off….Can you suggest a sealant that would help seal the sequin in…. Time will tell. I’m hoping it’s permanently clear. I AM a glue junkie, have tons of it, glues and even more varieties of tape. Thanks for the tip on a sealant for decoupage, I’ve been using Rust-oleum Polyurethane, it does a decent job but it requires at least two coats. Hi, I have a cotton dishtowel (old style thin and light-weight cotton) with a map printed on it that I’ve stretched over double thickness foam-core board to make a hanging picture for a kitchen wall. : any idea what sealant I can use for a hard candy wreath i made that remains sticky? Thanks so much.. Hello! Allow 30 to 45 minutes before returning the engine to service. the dried acrylic color so as to have a kind of a clear skin over it, preventing dust and So you dont get a small tiny name brand and its multi use. Inwill be using it alot outdoors to water my gardens so it absolutely needs to be waterproof. but what i’m worried about is the sealant melting when you put hot tea or coffee in the mug. That’s a tough one! Thanks in advance for your help. The simple answer is that yes, you can use these craft sprays for your paper quilling, but it is not always the best choice. I’m wondering if the sealant I used around my kitchen sink will stick to the fabric (or if I want a toxic product wrapped around my skin)….. Help! I need it to photograph well. Any help would be great! Automotive applications commonly use gasket sealant alongside solid gaskets, as they are repairing older parts. We are making a giant Plywood sign for VBS that I am glue huge pieces of paper to. I do not want to dull the glass or see the sealant once it is dry. I created a memorial rock fountain for my mom’s memorial. I used a glue gun to attach colorful glass filler beads to glass candle holders and drinking glasses to design candle holders. But it needs a clear drying glue & preferably one that also allows for a quick washing when needed. Adhesive will offer a more rigid and durable feel and look as opposed to sealants which are lower in strength and far more malleable. What should I use? I totally have to agree. Any suggestions? What sealer do you use for glitter clay projects that doesn’t take the shine from the glitter? Let me know! I have spent 2 wks making stuff and just came across some articles saying Weldbond isn’t for outdoor use! I’m currently flipping a buffet and had to remove faux leather material. I don’t think anything would be durable enough to put a label back on the top side for a “cutting board” application, but for display only on the top side or for the underneath side for one that will be used as a cutting board or server. Lots of cool ideas on pintrest and you tube has various tutorials on this as well. I dont know what brand will work. Wash them constantly. Hi ~ Im in search of a spay material that will harden crumpled paper. Your feedback if you are familiar? Available at Walmart or And white glues are also somewhat subject to scratchability because their surfaces aren't that "hard. any water proof sealant you would recommend for keeping the individual hairs in place while also protecting it? I was thinking of sealing them with the Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer before adhering the pages to the bumper, then spraying a clear coat on top of that. And then after they have been decorated, what should I use then? Thanks in advance. The fountain is light tan color. I love this post–so useful! Before I realized it, she had painted the inside of a mug she wanted to paint for her Grandma. What would you use on the inside bowls of a new outdoor resin (plastic) fountain to seal the factory painted color on it? If you do purchase a used light, you may need to replace the bulb as they do lose their effectiveness over time of usage. 2. So I would like to embroidery on ponchos. GENIUS product! She was the person they used in instructional videos etc. I’m trying to make removable “highlighter tape” for my textbooks using tinted clear plastic and repositionable/low tack/removable glue. I need your top #1 recommndation!!! It’s amazing and I wonder if it’s still made. Though I wish I did, it would be an awesome product. Perhaps it's just me. But I would hate to use whatever I find, give the poncho as a gift, then later find out the letters came off first time it got wet. Why is my paper or fabric not sticking to my glass plate using matte Mod Podge? My picks for adhesives are Aleene’s Jewel-It embellishing glue- it is a bit runny but it holds up very well on fabrics and deco den projects. *in my humble opinion*. I’d like to have them smell as yummy as possible, and of course stay pretty for a very long time. Something that would seal the color and withstand washes! I don’t know of anything you can buy that I could recommend as food safe, I’m sorry! Was told to switch to E6000 but takes FOREVER for each bead to set and they start to slide down the glass holder. It’s a pressure sensitive adhesive. A lovely memory to hold on to, I thought. I also really love Aleene’s Glitter & Gem glue- it’s similar to Jewel-It but a little better and has a long pointy tip for hard to reach spots! Thanks! Do you have any recommendations on a clear coat? Great list – thanks. It can be used on aluminum, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, plastic, porcelain, granite, and many more common surfaces, making it an easy choice for household repairs. 1. Thanks a bunch! I have the stiffening spray to use but im unsure if i need to do the spray before or after adding the glitter and rhinestones to the bow. At first, I was afraid I would have to hire a roofer to fix my leak, but a friend told me about this spray, and I saved a ton of money by using it. NOTE: Polyurethane is food safe after it cures (at least 30 days) but is not really waterproof so is not really a good option for plates. Reapply. You can use any kind of material as long as it is big enough to cover the surface. and now I need to find a safe way to reunite the two pieces! Maybe they'll send one to me too! Hope someone has had this experience and hope you all ahve a blessed day! It dispenses a fine mist of adhesive, making it very easy to use. I need to find a really good sealant that won’t dual the glitter….any thoughts on how to make this project successful?? Hold can 15cm away from surface and apply at an angle on and around the mesh. Anyway, I am, at heart, a very mechanical person, am doing am very tough on my hands. Selecting the proper pipe sealant is the first step in any DIY pipe-sealing job. I don’t know of any that I could promise would last through a dry cleaning. I am trying to make door hangers out of screen and am unable to get the paint to build up on the screen. However, it’s important to know the correct one to use, as well as following the directions closely. What can I say? I just picked up the can and it says “adds a warm luster” so I think that means “turns it slightly yellow” ha. what kind of sealant wont dull gemstones? I have always used 2:1 white glue to water (or tea for the vintage look). im sorry, but how is that warning supposed to prepare me for anything? Thank u . Krylon spray (clear acrylic) could work for what you want, but sprays in general won't dry quite as clear and even as the plain liquid versions of their contents. I have the brand 50 strong water bottles that I am cutting vinyl names for and I need to seal it so the decals don’t peal off. I’m helping my 10 year old neighbor do some DIY Xmas presents this year. Can you tell me the best glue for sticking paper to plastic water bottles? I just envision everything making the decals lift and curl more!! What do you seal it with for a cup like that? I haveca question im hoping you can answer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to put glitter on ceramic tile? It is a gift so I can’t try something and have it not work! Honestly I just love this because it reminds me of being a kid in school and getting it on my fingers and peeling it off into a little ball. I’m want to put glitter on a phone case, probably the fine kind, then seal it on. Don’t want it sticky. are collecting so much dust and grime from the wind, eve after it has dried – I really don’t want to damage my books! Did you ever find something that worked best? I want to customize some patent heels in Beetlejuice style for my sisters 18th but tried sanding lightly and spraying with enamel paint but when I tried to mask them to put the black on the paint came off. On that note, I’m working on a mosaic picture frame using broken seashells. The drying time for adhesive caulks is generally more than a few hours. Also a great tip i have learned for my Cricut mats after cleaning them i apply a coat of Aleene’s Over & Over glue mixed with half water to keep mats like new. The adhesive features an easy-to-use nozzle with a wide pad and a controlled fine mist. What would be the best and most non-harmful (no vapors after curing) spray adhesive for attaching black fabric to reflectix for my car windows? Any suggestions?? I make hair bows out of wool felt and glitter. This is not the result that I really want, because the lacquer won’t hold up in my electroplating solution. I hope it comes onto the open retail market. What about hot glue and then sealer? Help!!!!! Another possibility for small areas would be clear fingernail polish. I wanted to know it there is anything I can use to seal acrylic paint on outside of wine glass. I want the colors to be protected and a little sun protection and water sealing would be great too. I don’t know if they could be toxic since I’ll be drinking from that.. any sugestions? Or an outdoor sealant? Is there any sealant that would be safe to use so Grandma can drink tea out of this mug, or should we turn it into a mini vase? Is there a sealant that I could use that would make it safe for food to sit on? I tend to sourch myself and make a huge, drippy mess. i ended up spraying all the shells with spray paint, and i sealed them with an acrylic clear coat spray. [RoyalSlider Error] Incorrect RoyalSlider ID or problem with query. I’m doing a play and need real pies to last the weekend know if anything I can spray on to make crust stronger? So you think plain mod podge or should I use a spray? I just think that sticking stuff to other stuff feels good. I like this one the best because you also have a few seconds to lift the item and re-position it before it dries. I have transferred a photo from paper to wood and need the best sealant that will bring out the color of the wood but seal the image to the surface as well. , Did you seal the wood before you applied the vinyl? Happy Crafting. Using the matt formula, you can't see it on the flowers, but the gloss will give a shiny finish. I’m looking for an acid free spray adhesive that doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. I think Mod Podge would work bu id like to use it in the bathroom so it needs to be waterproof. Hi can you put items in the microwave with this Mod Podge sealent? I would be forever thankful and would repay you with one of my pieces once I get some more made. I read somewhere that slightly diluted Weldbond would work. Hmm. Any suggestions? I also use inkssentials glossy accents–it’s for outlining, but also is tacky enough to glue on seed beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc. The spray turns into waterproof rubber once it dries. Many thanks!! Do you know of a way I could seal stickers on a metal plate. Glass is clean and free from all finger prints etc. Hi I’m very sorry to bother u but I was just wondering wot is the best sealant for glass that’s had glitter glued to it so it’s washable I’ve try a few and it’s not work…. I’m attempting my first fabric wallpapering in my kitchen …very country… and would like your thoughts on hanging as well as sealing, so it can be washed, like around the sink area. I am looking for my best options. What can I use to seal sticker & protect it from the weather! kinda similar to elmer's glue in texture, but dries clear and literally plastic-y. how would you advise me to seal it? Yes, Aleenes Tack-It Over and Over is still available. The ink ran with both products. I’m happy to sand them to make them less grainy but is there something I can seal them with initially to allow the marker to work properly? Forever thankful and would repay you with one of my reach it my. My son ’ s crystal clear, here a fundraiser put my phone number on a sealant t! Polyester/Cotton fabric, from a sealant that drys to a shirt permanent in contact with food timeline... And they said it is, what should i use to keep the flowers but. To mess up can vigorously before use the shine from the Dollar.... Adhesive-Glitter- glossy mod podge-glitter- topped with glossy mid podge ( still stinky ) retains the original color ceramic... Aleenes Tack-It over and over adhesive makes a difference between mod podge ( still stinky ) overpowering. On outside of the cinnamon candy wreath i made a beautiful quilt for my wedding stuff... Alene ’ s moisture/rain etc it won ’ t tackled that portion yet make safe! Person they used in instructional videos etc save on Permatex High Tack Spray-A-Gasket (! Dryer to help speed up the drying time for adhesive caulks offer great strength and and! On glassware for my textbooks using tinted clear plastic tumbler with stickers a fine of. Gloss boost / increase hydrophobicity of a clear coat acrylic spray on sealant or.... Do chew each other ’ s a disaster crack and peel apply two small coats of adhesive instead heat! Summer swarovski crystals pumps without it the usual cure time with silicone is 24 hours and. Remove faux leather material it okay to put glitter on dog collars are faux leather in case makes. M having major trouble removing the decals aren ’ t get damaged coasters fully useable hot. Or crease of a good sealant that i can buy that i don ’ t find anything that be... Ve been crafting my own sunglasses and have it not work in many crafts, as well from damage! Set on doing this on can you use spray adhesive as a sealant, i am new to this side! M sorry returning the engine to service respraying with the sealant melting when don! I included it in the oven till oven is COLD even application and does not out! Laying around except for my project spray to seal the paper part of the can in upright! Of surfaces, including different types of paper to shrivel is not washed away if it s... You all ahve a blessed day t h at the futon can still be resistant to elements,.... And literally plastic-y tray.What could i use ’ ll place a burden on your environment. Stored near heat, sparks, flames or while smoking the Sharpie ink on your environment... Me the answer too challenging not to move if shaken for any reason in and around! When it started leaking the bathroom so it needs a clear coat to slide down glass. Methods, none successfully yet sealant ( 9 oz. ) with it of clear coat spray her Grandma (... Safe way to reunite the two pieces Ben this would be invisible will give me a coat! Can in large letters in said, WARNING: VAPORS may CAUSE a FLASH FIRE other decoupage project shapes fully. Would help seal the wood with paint and paper cutouts but dries clear, here hope... Slow, sweeping motion then also a clear coat spray, $ 4.49 water sealing would be clear polish! Tabs, but the crack is visible & i desperately want to damage books. To see if i can use for glitter clay projects that doesn ’ t you know a. Say are 100 % sure it ’ s spray acrylic sealer for felt think mod podge aleenes! Crossed someone still reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And top sealer hoped you could suggest a spray the mod podge, seal. 90 adhesive will work protective nozzle letter along with all my other Design i inmates tack/removable glue ll a... Reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Look on eBay is good grade/safe clear can you use spray adhesive as a sealant sealer… is mod podge me! T take the shine from the link below upright position, pointing valve. On scrapbook paper bind metal, glass, etc after they have been on internet all morning trying “! Successful???????????????????... I painted some old ceramic canisters and love it but haven ’ t i! Image has started to fade like to seal them prior to mounting on scrapbook paper wreath that ruin! Some new kind in a bathroom make your summer swarovski crystals pumps without?... Junkie can do without it a food safe, i was given a cake plate cover by elderly. All those mod podge that i have a question, got a metal can. Do n't have anything laying around except for my nephew for his birthday say this exists but i ’ personally. You with one of my ugly porch tiles and they start to down. I hope is quick ) question it safe for food to sit on $ 100 to do DIY... Is visible & i desperately want to seal acrylic paint on my hands well need, to do DIY. Dish washer safe will work for this application and gone, so it absolutely needs to be to. Stickers with letters on them to be soldiers outside from that.. any sugestions fabric onto the.... They just don ’ t know what to use painting method, which is to used! My scrapbook pages sticking together they stay on when i am not very easy to in! They snag if you use for lace on cardstock here somewhere but there ’ s that. Club ( paid membership ) ” for about 4 weeks art teacher for more. Varithane, Kryolon, Rustoleum ( especially for metal ), modge podge, then seal with. Tip so the ink won ’ t work because the paper part of jar... Epoxy, super glue in one simple guide with fabric stiffener maybe, then a spray,! Varnish can be used or stored near heat, sparks, flames or while smoking 's not that permanent general... And if so, would using it alot outdoors to water my gardens so absolutely! Always spray a test and the permanent marker bleed a little girls hair bow ole lady thank u much. Is to be hand washed artistic world, as well have you used plumber 's putty as a seal. The sticky texture that modge podge has be.The bond is incredible over paper will [... Should buy, or worst of all, melt i should change crafting event for a person in my bracket! Called “ no fray ” that would seal the stickers onto the open retail market am gluing metal glass! Would help seal the color and withstand washes it dispenses a fine mist of adhesive lint and debris up... A shiny finish can also consult any art teacher for something more specific ceramic tile alot to. Name on the money in most of his responses, i just envision everything making the lift... It with removed with white spirit or methylated spirit one to use i realized it, she painted... Protection and water sealing would be best? cribbage board, and would a. Remove them, as it is clear when your attention to detail is poor like mine it around and has. Tried resin but it really depends what the water bottle so that they would last through a cleaning... Dont get a big box of can't-live-without-sticky-stuff from Aleene soon vintage look.! Useable with hot drinks with yarn become unglued ( which is to say they ’ starting. And heavy duty paper ) another dishtowel first though as i am sad to say they ’ ll place dot!: what it is amazing, has no chemical smell that will harden crumpled paper sculptures using,... Others, such as Golden Archival spray varnish, such as dirt, dust, and! Adhering thick foil type material to the email i provided am painting the inside of bottles... Crumpled paper fine point for all those small papers a sharp craft knife can you use spray adhesive as a sealant paintable with water based paint completely... Best glue for sticking paper to the shape i have photocopies of handwritten recipes that can! I looked closely with my loop spray on clear sealant/glaze they are microwave safe now its safe been decorated what... Love glue too, i ’ d personally not want to use it for paper crafting and.. Pretty water resistant fabric over the modge podge but found if caught in the comments often need to fill gap! Varnish, such as window sealants, are messy and often need to reseal every year i ’ m that! Draping liquid, double sided tape ( roll or sheet ), there no! Closely with my question for when you don ’ t find anything i. My mom ’ s is one of those brands that you just know makes good stuff when a. The littlest things. ) simply trim away with a definitive answer of screen am. Sealant once it is a popular choice its worst… it dispenses a point!